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Dr. Edward Chow and associates provide a complete range of professional optometry services. From his Markham office on Ferrier St. Dr. Chow has improved the eyesight of many patients from the Toronto area, and also from many cities in Ontario and the United States.

Dr. Chow enjoys the challenge of treating difficult vision problems, and specializes in orthokeratology (an alternative to laser eye surgery), contact lenses, ocular nutrition, and dry eye treatment. His Markham clinic is equipped with high-tech equipment to detect ocular diseases.

Dr. Edward S. Chow
Dr. Chow is a licensed optometrists and renowned expert in orthokeratology and speciality contact lenses. Dr. Chow is the first Canadian optometrist to engage in the practice of orthokeratology with the accelerated and advanced method of performance... read more about Dr. Chow
Dr. Jeffery Ng
Dr. Jeffery Ng was born and raised in Vancouver and attended Vancouver College before earning his Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia. He then obtained his Doctor of Optometry degree from the State University of New York College of Optometry.... read more about Dr. Ng
Amy Chow
Amy Chow is an eye care professional with degrees in both science and broadcast journalism. Having been immersed in the eye care industry for more than a decade, she is adept in her field as a licensed dispensing optician and contact lens fitter... read more about Amy Chow


Orthokeratology in Toronto


This technology allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle without wearing glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Chow is a world expert and pioneer in the field.

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Contact Lenses Toronto

Specialty Contact Lenses

Choose from a variety of modern affordable lenses, including: overnight, coloured, and specialty contact lenses.

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Toronto Dry Eye Clinic

If you are finding that your eyes are always uncomfortable, tearing or red, our doctors will be able to help. We offer specialized treatment beyond those of eye drops, such as scleral contact lenses, punctal plugs, IPL, nutritional supplements, and in-office lid cleansing.

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Eye Exams in Toronto

Eye Exams

We provide comprehensive eye exams in our Markham office with an array of modern equipment.

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Children eye exams in Markham

Children's Eye Exams

Children nineteen and under are covered for one full exam every twelve months through OHIP.

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Sports contacts eye care vision Toronto

Sports Vision

Most if not all sports enthusiasts prefer not to wear glasses when playing sports. We offer all options that will enable you to see clearly and comfortably.

Keratoconus Clinic Toronto

Keratoconus Clinic

Many patients with cone-shaped corneas are left with very little option to improve their vision. We provide specialty contact lenses to maximize your visual potential that glasses may not be able to do.

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Ocular eye nutrition

Ocular Nutrition

Get custom nutritional recommendation from Dr. Chow and associates to support and maintain lifelong healthy vision.

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Eye Surgical Management Toronto

Pre/Post Surgical Management

Whether you require cataract, laser refractive surgery, glaucoma or retinal surgery, our doctors will be able to prepare you for the best outcome before surgery and monitor your recovery after surgery.

Emerency eye care

Emergency Eye Care

Our clinic is open 7 days a week and we are always available for all emergency situations such as injuries, red eyes, sudden loss of vision or visual disturbances.

Ocular disease Toronto

Ocular Disease

We have experience as well as state of the art technology that enable our doctors to diagnose and manage most ocular diseases. In the event that we require further treatment, our vast network of specialists will ensure you receive the proper and immediate treatment when necessary.

Vision therapy in Toronto Canada

Vision Therapy

If you experience double vision, eye strain or cannot see 3D, you may lack eye coordination and proper eye teaming skills. Because one out of four children and adults experience visual discomfort, we will identify and manage these conditions.

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