Contact Lenses

New Contact Lens Wearers

contact lensWe can help you choose from many types of modern contact lenses (including overnight, coloured, and specialty contact lenses), and provided instructions on how to safely use and maintain them. Please make an appointment to get started with contact lenses.

Current Contact Lens Wearers

Some people experience dryness or irritation with their current lenses. Please make an appointment so we can check the fit of your lenses and evaluate which new types or brands may be more comfortable for you.

Ordering More Contact Lenses

Current patients of Dr. Chow and Associates an re-order their supply of contact lenses using our contact lens re-order form, or by contacting us.

Contact Lens Problem Solving

One of Dr. Chow’s specialties is contact lenses, and as such he enjoys helping his patients by solving difficult contact lens problems:

Dry eye related problems: people may find contact lenses intolerable with this problem. There are now options that can eliminate the problem:

  • New materials with higher oxygen permeability and water content.
  • Custom-fit contact lenses designed with the new computer aided technology.

Presbyopia: inability to focus at near while wearing contact lenses. Different designs of bifocal and multifocal contact lenses to suit various condition and ages are now available.

Progressive myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism: In both children and adults, different designs of orthokeratology lenses are available to slow down the progression or eliminate the deterioration of eyesight.

Contact lenses for children: Using the skill gained through many years of experience, children as young as 6 years old can be successfully fit with contact lenses.

Dealing with difficult corneas such as keratoconus, post-surgical, distorted. Dealing with amblyopia due to high myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.