Toronto Dry Eye Clinic

Toronto dry eye sufferers can visit the Toronto Dry Eye Clinic, conveniently located within the Markham office of Dr. Chow and Associates. Dry eye specialists can help with moderate to difficult dry eye cases, with the aid of specialized equipment including the Lumenis M22 OPT IPL.

Dry Eye Relief

Most dry eye sufferers are not aware that they have this debilitating eye condition. Dry eye syndrome can leave your eye defenseless against foreign bodies, bacteria, viruses, allergens and even air itself. Without an adequate tear film, the eyeball can start to inflame causing redness, blurry vision and eye pain. It also affects our activities of daily living especially in activities where we don’t blink often (ie. computer, tablet and TV viewing, driving, outdoor sports and recreation).

Dry eyes patient can be divided into two categories. There are those that do not produce enough tears in the first place and then there are those that produce adequate tears but are not able to retain them due to quick evaporation. 9 out of 10 dry eye sufferers have the evaporative form due to a condition meibomian gland dysfunction. Thus, our doctors focus on the treatment of the meibomian glands and blepharitis and consider their treatment essential for reducing dry eyes symptoms.

We utilize the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer to provide the best non-invasive tear film analysis, allowing for 82% sensitivity and 92% specificity for diagnosing dry eye. Results appear instantly.


We provide professional treatments such as:

  • Amniotic membrane from placental tissue used to repair and promote healing in damaged corneas.
  • Autologous Serum tears specially formulated from your own blood
  • Doctor recommended artificial tears specific to your dry eye condition
  • Prescription eye drops (Restasis and others) and oral medications approved or dry eye treatment
  • Lid exfoliation due to blepharitis with Blephedex and/or Lid Pro
  • Manual meibomian gland expression to unblock clogged glands
  • Bruder Masks for hot compression at home
  • Omega 3 triglycerides for nutritional support
  • Punctal plugs insertion for less reliance on artificial tear drops
  • Bandage Contact Lenses for severe compromised corneas
  • Scleral Contact Lens- the ultimate comfort for contact lens wearers

Allergy Relief

Allergy sufferers who experience red, teary and itchy eyes will find that over the counter eye drops are often ineffective. Our doctors are able to assess and prescribe prescription medications for your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes.