Orthokeratology (also known as ortho-k) allows Dr. Chow’s patients to enjoy an active lifestyle without wearing glasses or contact lenses. For many people it’s an attractive alternative to laser eye surgery (such as RK, PRK, ALK, LASIK, and LASEK).

How it Works

Orthokeratology during sleepEach patient receives specially-customized contact lenses which can be worn either at night or during the day. After a period of adjustment, the patient retains excellent vision even while the lenses are not being worn.

Who Can Benefit from Orthokeratology

People who find contact lenses uncomfortable because of dryness or irritation may benefit from orthokeratology. Those who engage in sports and have active lifestyles may also enjoy the freedom that ortho-k brings. This procedure is particularly pertinent to high myopes (people with nearsightedness) and to children with progressive myopia and astigmatism.

How Dr. Chow can Help

Otho-k computer analysis
The eye's surface is carefully mapped to provide a custom fit for every othokeratology patient.
Dr. Chow is the first Canadian optometrist to engage in the practice of orthokeratology with the accelerated and advanced method of performance. He is highly experienced, having performed several thousand procedures.

Dr. Chow’s goal is to provide the best care and service for his patients. For more information on orthokeratology procedures, please request an appointment or contact us. Additional information on orthokeratology can be found here: www.okglobal.org.